Succession planning

We’ll take the time to understand the complexities of your financial position, then equip you to achieve the smooth succession of your financial estate. With our global network we’re well placed to support international estates and businesses.

Professional wealth structuring and planning helps you protect your assets while preserving your family’s financial confidentiality. It can also enhance control over your financial position, while allowing for an orderly succession of assets across jurisdictions.

Working with our experts can help you with good succession planning. Below are some examples of areas where we can help:

  • Defining who you would like to benefit from your estate, when, how and in what proportions
  • Identifying the individuals or companies you want to manage the distribution of your estate and helping ensure they have the time and experience to handle succession tasks
  • Ensuring your family has sufficient funds available to meet estate and inheritance taxes along with other important financial obligations
  • Support in planning for all eventualities, such as a family member becoming incapacitated

Thorough planning in partnership with our global team of experts helps you avoid potential family disputes when succession becomes a consideration. If you manage a family business we can also help you plan what will happen to your business and your family should something happen to you.

Working with our global team of specialists, we help ensure a smooth succession of your financial estate across the generations.

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