About the Essence of Enterprise

The Essence of Enterprise report aims to celebrate the personal achievements of entrepreneurs and to understand the human ambition that underpins entrepreneurship.


HSBC has always been where the growth is, connecting clients to opportunities. We enable businesses to flourish and economies to prosper, helping people fulfil their hopes and dreams and realise their ambitions. At HSBC Private Bank, we are committed to understanding the aspirations and concerns of entrepreneurs worldwide.

To achieve this, we enlisted support from 2,834 entrepreneurs, defined as major shareholders in privately-held institutions. They included sole traders, owner managers, shareholders and executives in family businesses, equity partners in partnership firms, and strategic investors. We included businesses that were still privately held, as well as those that had been sold, listed or acquired by a private equity firm.

The average wealth of those who took part in the research was USD4.6 million and the average business turnover was USD6.5 million. However, the research aimed to follow the entrepreneurial journey, from those just starting out to those with many business achievements behind them.

The research was conducted online between August and September 2015 by an independent market research agency.