Selling your Business

Your business may be your life’s work. You started it with a plan, make sure you leave with one. We can help you understand what you need to know, and prepare and support you in the sale of your business.

Selling your business is complex and emotionally demanding. Your business may be your life’s work, or a family concern that has grown through several generations.

In some cases, unexpected events can trigger the sale of a business: a family situation; an issue between business partners; concerns about future trading prospects; an unforeseen offer for the company. In others it may happen purely as a result of a lack of planning.

Selling your organisation takes some organisation. The following key areas should be considered:

  • Decide the objectives for the sale: assemble the right advisers and a strong management team who can take the business forward.
  • Craft your story: align the story of the business you’re selling with what the purchaser is buying. Understand the type of buyer and have a business plan that defines the value of the business to them. Be able to explain your reasons for exiting.
  • Ensure you’re selling at the optimal time, whether that’s in terms of the economic cycle, your industry cycle or the life stage of your business. You should have a clear valuation of the business to you - in particular the minimum you’re willing to accept.

To help you achieve a more positive outcome for you and your family, your personal finances and the business itself, we advise preparing for the expected and the unexpected. When you’re ready to start planning your business exit, we can help you understand what you need to know, and find a balance between your head and your heart, so that you reach the best outcome for you.

Together, we can explore what a good exit might look like. We specialise in a number of areas that are key to the business exit process, including investment structuring, passing on wealth to future generations, and securing your wider legacy.

Our work with business owners all over the world means we understand entrepreneurs and their financial vision. As their partner, we help them grow, manage and preserve their wealth effectively.

Moving on from one important chapter in your life to another always brings new possibilities. Now’s the time to be planning for your future.

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Business Exit: Personal Impact

Planning effectively for a business exit is not just about preparing for the moment of sale, it is also about planning for the life you and your family want afterwards.

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