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  • 2015

    • Investment Outlook: From globalisation to localisation?

      From globalisation to localisation?

      30 December 2015

      For many years, our lives seemed destined to become ever more global. From the development of global product trends and fashions to the growing presence of ethnic restaurants on our street, the consumer became more and more global.

    • China in transition – taking the long view

      China in transition – taking the long view

      30 December 2015

      China had a major impact on markets in 2015, but the headlines were mostly negative. As the world’s second-biggest economy slowed down, it weighed on commodity markets and pushed up risk premia in emerging bond, equity and currency markets.

    • Asian women lead the way

      30 November 2015

      Women are more likely to become successful entrepreneurs in Asia than in Western Europe or North America, according to new research from HSBC.