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  • 2019

    • Guidelines for Strategic Philanthropy

      Guidelines for Strategic Philanthropy

      19 December 2019

      Today, philanthropic individuals and established foundations are engaged in a greater range of activities than ever before. Many are operating direct programs, making debt and equity investments, and in some cases, extending credit via subsidized or interest-free loans.

    • Charitable giving – how you can make a real difference

      Charitable giving – how you can make a real difference

      18 December 2019

      Taking time to think deeply about both your motivation for charitable giving and what you are hoping to achieve can enable you to create a strategy that truly maximises your philanthropic ambitions. It can help you and the causes you choose to support achieve great things.

    • Seven Tips to Assess Your Year and Plan Ahead

      Top tips to assess your year and plan ahead

      18 December 2019

      We all know when we set goals, we should commit to regularly reviewing how we’re doing, but the truth is that life tends to get in the way. However, the turn of the year is the perfect time to pause, reflect and take stock of how 2019 has been for you. Here are some tips to get you started.