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  • 2016

    • Family succession: moments of truth

      26 August 2016

      Passing control from one generation to the next is a critical moment for a family business. It can be a positive, but often businesses lose momentum. It can bring a family together, but all too often it drives a family apart.

    • The three stages of a business exit

      28 June 2016

      How do you manage the conflicting priorities of a business exit? What should you think about first, commercial or personal implications? By working closely with trusted advisors from the outset of the process, owners can be reassured that they have access to the expertise they need to make fully-informed decisions at each stage of the journey.

    • Entrepreneur Series: A rough ride to fashion excellence: An interview with Amanda Wakeley

      28 June 2016

      To describe fashion entrepreneur Amanda Wakeley’s journey to success as eventful would be a significant understatement. A seasoned expert in snatching achievement from the jaws of failure, Amanda has fought and won in her quest to bring ‘lifestyle luxury’ clothing design to discerning women over a period of 25 years and counting.