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  • 2016

    • Entrepreneur Series: Family Unity is the Pillar of Successful Succession Planning

      25 November 2016

      Succession has the potential to unlock emotional and divisive issues. This is particularly the case in family businesses, where personal and professional disagreements can be highly detrimental to the company. Unity among all family business members is the foundation of successful enterprises, and is essential during the succession process.

    • Entrepreneur Series: Why Communication is Key to Family Business Longevity

      25 November 2016

      A snap poll conducted at the recent HSBC Private Bank Entrepreneurs Series spoke volumes. Asked about communication in a family business compared to a conventional company, the results were resounding: more than 70 per cent responded that “communication in a family business is likely harder than in a corporate business. Roles and transparency tend to be less clear.”

    • Entrepreneur Series: Beating the Multi-Generation Family Business Trap

      25 November 2016

      For most family businesses, encouraging the younger generation to join the company is a challenge. Findings by The Family Business Institute indicate that just 30 per cent of family businesses survive the second generation, while only 10 per cent survive to the third.