Why 2020 will be AllBright’s biggest year yet

We talk to AllBright Co-founder Anna Jones on what this year holds for AllBright.

Why 2020 will be AllBright’s biggest year yet

2019 was a tremendous year for AllBright, where will you be focusing your energy in 2020?

Our focus this year will be on continuing to grow the AllBright global sisterhood. We have more club openings coming and an exciting growth plan for our digital and content platforms! In 2019, we built a thriving online community via the AllBright Academy and Connect which has linked women around the world, and we are excited about building this out further with more courses, inspiration and resources for our community.

Thinking about innovation, what do you think are the top 3 industries to watch this year?

I have been personally inspired by female founders doing incredible things across a range of industries – not least the FinTech industry where companies like Collctiv are offering solutions to everyday problems, or the FMCG industry where we see customer demands for simplicity and purity shaking up our shopping baskets with products like Plant Pop Snacks and Coconuts Organic. Similarly in the wellness space, businesses with transparency at their heart are becoming the new norm, two personal favourites are OHANA CBD and recently launched Daye.

What are your top 3 tips for female founders pitching?

1. Think big, and then bigger. It’s so important to share your ambition with the audience, don’t undersell yourself or your business.

2. Know your numbers. You need to know your business and business model inside out before looking for external investment.

3. No notes. Your pitch should be second nature to you, if you need prompts or speaker notes you aren’t prepared enough. Practice, practice, practice!

What are your personal goals and priorities this year?

Last year was a big year for the business – 2020 will be even bigger. I spend so much time working, travelling and meeting incredible women around the world, that I rarely have the opportunity to pause, reflect and celebrate what we have achieved so far. In just two years, AllBright has opened three clubs, welcomed thousands of members with thousands more working through our Academy programmes, launched a magazine, a podcast series, a professional development course and my co-founder Debbie and I even wrote a book! Celebration and reflection is something every founder should do to stay connected to the mission and purpose of the company they started and to celebrate the team that make it all happen. I plan to try harder to do this, this year.

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