Why I believe in AllBright (and you should too)

Kirsty Moore, Managing Director, HSBC Private Banking sat on the panel of AllBright's first Pitch Day of 2019. She shares what she learnt and why she believes the future is bright for entrepreneurial women.

Why I believe in AllBright (and you should too)

Three minutes to win over a panel of experienced investors, a fantastic product and a solid pitch - the three main ingredients for success at an AllBright Pitch Day. Every month seven women-led businesses are invited to present their ideas with the hope of securing investment.

Sipping a coffee before the pitch day in bustling central London near the home of AllBright, I remember feeling full of excitement at the idea of meeting seven ambitious business women looking for investment to grow their business and turn their dreams into reality.

So, what was my role? After each business completed their three-minute presentation in-front of a live audience, I along with two other panellists questioned them on their business proposition and investment opportunity. It was a careful balance of being supportive but also providing constructive challenge. Three minutes goes by really quickly! All of the women pitching that day did a great job at squeezing in as much key information as they could.

My highlight was talking to the women afterwards and giving them feedback. I felt very lucky to be speaking with such talented, ambitious business owners and I felt very fortunate to hopefully have assisted in their journeys.

Partnering with AllBright this year is teaching my team and I about the many benefits a global network and community that connects entrepreneurial women can provide. The networking club is a comfortable, safe environment for female entrepreneurs to meet and hopefully find mentors and investors. There is absolutely a need for it.

The feedback and nurturing side of this role is the most rewarding and we're supporting these women through direct and honest feedback on the day, but also through follow-ups sessions afterwards. This support ranges from things like reviewing their business plan, connecting them to internal business specialists, or even the opportunity to showcase their brand and products at external events. We're also hoping to connect our own clients who have an interest in mentoring or investing in early-stage, female-founded companies.

Believing in AllBright is more than just sharing the vision of the co-founders, it's about supporting business women in making connections, acquiring knowledge and expertise, and giving them and other entrepreneurs across the world the confidence and skills to achieve their business ambitions, helping them to thrive. The first female U.S Secretary of State, Madeline Albright once said, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." A quote that famously inspired the birth of the AllBright academy.

Businesses or investors can register their interest in Pitch Days 2019 in partnership with HSBC Private Banking here.

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