Banking with us - a client perspective

What are some of the things to consider when choosing a private bank? What does it feel like to work with a modern wealth manager? How can private banks help achieve business and family ambitions whilst building a relationship geared for the long term?

The answers to these questions are often not quick and easy and will depend on who you ask. To give some real life insight, we invited one of our long-standing clients to share his personal views and experience on film. In this video, he speaks about the importance of family considerations, trust, continuity and vision in the management of his assets.

Discover our client’s story as he takes us on a passionate journey around his business venture – from the sparkling idea for better battery chargers in the 1980s to when Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche and scores of other luxury car makers came knocking on the door, all the way through the sale of his company and what he did next, including achieving financial returns and giving back to society.

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