Building Better Businesses

How do you create a better business, whether you’re launching a new business or looking to change the way your business operates? We partnered with Monocle magazine on this special edition, to discover how the definition of “good business” is changing globally.

Building Better Businesses

HSBC Private Banking and Monocle Magazine are proud to present the Building Better Business: a Monocle Guide, part of Monocle’s celebrated yearly Business & Entrepreneurs issue.

Our guide is packed with useful tips and life hacks from entrepreneurs, experts in the field and investors:

  • You’ll meet the owners of small-to-medium-sized ventures around the world whose stories are instructive for anyone looking to start a brand, build a company and scale it up.
  • You’ll read about the importance of mentorship through the joint profiles of three entrepreneurs and their mentors, looking at how the mentors have benefitted the businesses, but also how the mentors have benefited from having a close relationship with a younger (potentially more disruptive) entrepreneur.
  • We’ll sit down with a serial entrepreneur in Tokyo who has made it his mission to inspire and encourage everyone who works for him to strike out on their own and start their own ventures.
  • And much much more

Download the Building Better Businesses Guide (6.58MB, PDF)

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