Tailored Lending

Our tailored lending service gives you customised borrowing options that can increase your liquidity, helping to protect your wealth and opening up new opportunities for you and your family.

Our credit advisory team will work with you to understand your financial situation, plans and aspirations. We will connect you to financing that will best support your long-term goals.

Whatever your needs, we offer tailored lending through marketable securities backed loans, residential mortgage lending, and specialised asset finance.

That is why our credit advisers work closely with your Relationship Manager to gain a deep understanding of your financial circumstances and analyse your current debt structure. The result is an efficient approach to lending that is integrated into your long-term investment strategy.

Individuals, personal investment companies, operating companies, family trusts and estates are all examples of acceptable borrowing structures.

Our tailored credit services include:

Core Offerings

  • Lending against marketable securities and concentrated stock positions
  • Tailored mortgage solutions and home equity lines

Specialised Asset Products

  • Aircraft loans
  • Lending against fine art
  • Intellectual property
  • Private equity capital call lines
  • Life insurance policies
  • Hedge funds

Types of Credit Facilities

  • Committed and uncommitted
  • Demand lines
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Term loans
  • Standby letters of credit
  • Credit facilities for foreign exchange, derivatives and precious metals.

With our global reach yet local presence around the world, you can benefit from valuable insights into the regulations and economic forces that may influence how you borrow and invest. From simple credit lines to highly complex financial transactions, we have built a strong reputation for assisting wealthy families and individuals, as well as helping successful executives and their businesses.

Personalised Service

A dedicated credit team working in partnership with your HSBC Private Banking Relationship Manager will:

  • Assess your short- and long-term needs to help determine the right solution for you
  • Anticipate and respond to rush transactions, which may include leveraging
  • investments to make a strategic acquisition while the mortgage process is underway
  • Work closely with you from application to funding your loan
  • Offer ongoing, personalised support for the life of your loan

From straightforward overdraft facilities to highly structured complex credit facilities, our experienced credit advisers can provide creative lending solutions and timely responses.

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Risk Warning

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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