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  • 2015

    • Exploiting enterprise capital

      11 November 2015

      For the heirs to a family business, the future can seem all too rigid and predictable – or worse, a dead end. But even a simple understanding of the part that entrepreneurship can play in future-proofing the family empire, demonstrates to the next generation that there is a freer-minded way to carve out a successful future.

    • The art of leadership

      11 November 2015

      Young people looking ahead to their careers in the world of business may be considering their role as potential leaders. But what makes a good leader and can the skills needed be developed, as opposed to occurring naturally?

    • From Family Business to the Business of Family - Maintaining Success across Generations

      28 October 2015

      Managing the family business well is not enough to achieve success. Family relations need to be managed too for the family enterprise to succeed.