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  • 2015

    • A shifting global picture

      12 November 2015

      We are currently living in an extremely dynamic economic and global environment driven by a series of mega-trends that will have a significant impact on businesses for years to come.

    • A Matter of Choice

      12 November 2015

      The freedom to carve your own route to success in business and family life is by no means universal, explains Professor William Carney. Rather it is a gift that the next generation of leaders can and should seize for positive impact.

    • 'Philanthropy in Arts and Culture': a creative approach to social change

      12 November 2015

      The potential of philanthropy to bring about meaningful social change was very high on the agenda at the recent HSBC Private Bank 'Philanthropy in Arts and Culture' master class, facilitated at the world-leading IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland.